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Best Antivirus In The World Bitdefender !! Must Read It.

As we know that now a days many dangerous viruses are there so we need to protect our pc from them and here is one of the best antivirus of the world Bitdefender.

Bitdefender understands that many of its clients do not want to think about configuring security software, they don't want to see pop-ups, and they don't want to have to make decisions for every little thing. That's why this premium internet security suite with a feature called autopilot. If you turn autopilot on you don't have to configure anything. You will not see security pop-ups and you don't have to worry about your security or privacy. Autopilot will make the optimum security choices for you, automatically quarantine dangerous files and block malware. On the other hand, if you want to fine-tune how the security software reacts you can take it off autopilot and configure the software based on your preferences. Bitdefender provides excellent security. It tests well at third-party test labs. In fact, in the latest AV-Test results, it scored higher than all of the other two dozen competitors.

Performance: 9.2/10


Without proof, marketing claims are nothing more than an exercise in creative writing. Bitdefender consistently tests well and is considered one of the best security suites by numerous reviewers and independent testing labs. In the AV-Test scores for November and December of 2012, Bitdefender scored better than all competitors.
Bitdefender was one of the first to implement technology that analyzed the behavior of applications to determine if they were potential threats regardless of whether the threat was previously identified or not. It introduced behavioral applications blocking in 1999, a technology that reduced dependency on virus signatures alone to combat malware. Bitdefender initiated hourly software updates in 2005 and in 2009 began to deploy a technology called Active Virus Control that watches applications as they execute and the entire time they run to monitor suspicious behavior. These technologies combined with a continually updated virus database make Bitdefender one of the most effective security products.

Premium Features: 10/10

This security suite provides valuable premium features, including credit monitoring and automatic online backup. Credit monitoring is provided free for the first year to U.S. residents. Should your identity be compromised and someone attempts to acquire a credit card or other line of credit using your information, you will be notified right away so you can handle the problem immediately. Some services charge as much as $20 per month for this service. They also provide a tool called Safebox that can securely store your selected files online. Though it only comes with 2GB of free storage, you can upgrade the amount for a fee. You can configure your PC to automatically sync with the Safebox so your stored data is always the most current version.Through your My Bitdefender online account you can view your product information, access services, contact customer care and edit account information. Through this online service, you can also edit parental controls, view credit report alerts, access items in your Safebox and implement social media protection. The Twitter and Facebook protection tool called Safego does require installation, but it will scan links to ensure they are safe and monitor your privacy. You can also post updates through it.Other premium features Bitdefender includes with this suite are file shredding, system tools, Android security and identity protection. The file shredder will completely obliterate all traces of deleted files. The system tools bypass the need to use Windows to perform routine tasks to keep your PC running optimally. The Android security is free and can scan your apps and contacts for threats, provide locations should you lose your device and remotely wipe the memory should it be stolen. The identity protection tools can block information such as credit card numbers, passwords, SSNs and bank account numbers from being shared without your permission.

Standard Features: 10/10

Bitdefender has all the standard features an internet security suite should include, such as customized scanning, parental controls, a search advisor and laptop settings. To be able to provide full scans without interruption it has a feature called the Scan Dispatcher. This will watch your system and only run full scans when your computer resources are in low use or idle. The parental control tools can create unique profiles that filter which websites your kids can visit and how long they can be online. These tools can be remotely managed so you can edit your kids' profiles while you are away and perform such actions as adding more computer time for your teen while you are at work. For safe surfing, Bitdefender has a search advisor that works with Google and Bing. The advisor will warn you if a website is suspicious and provide webpage reports.

Help & Support: 10/10

Bitdefender's customer and technical support is readily accessible. You can contact them 24/7 by telephone, email or instant chat. Unassisted support includes educational videos, articles, support documentation, data sheets and a user forum. Routine tasks such as checking your licenses or subscription status and upgrading software can easily be accomplished through your My Bitdefender online account. You can also follow Bitdefender on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Bitdefender Total Security blocks all possible malware entry points. It can protect you from malware attempting to access your PC via email, web links, USB drives, social media sites, chat conversations, your network and Trojans. It includes specific apps for scanning links your friends post on Facebook and Twitter and will prevent you from sharing bad links.

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